I translate from English into Spanish, specialising in museums, education and social sciences. I have over 20 years experience working as a translator, researcher and educator with academic, learning, museums and marketing material.  

I was born in Buenos Aires and spent my childhood and youth in Argentina and in Uruguay. By my mid-twenties I had completed a degree in History and Teaching at the University of Buenos Aires, undertaken academic research in Social Science and Humanities, lectured in Middle East Politics, and taught in a few secondary schools.
Later on I discovered backpacking and the wonders of travel, which brought me to London and the next chapter in my life; falling in love and doing an MA in Museum Studies. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work in some of London's wonderful museums as well as setting up a prize-winning (British Council ELTON award) English course based in museums for a language school, and running an Erasmus internship programme.

In each role I took there was always an element of translation involved and I realised how much I enjoyed it. Having lived, worked and studied in Buenos Aires and in London, I have gained a deep understanding of English and Spanish linguistic and cultural use in these specific fields. In 2014 I decided to go into full time freelance translation and that’s where I am now and what I do (when I’m not translating I’m on the school run, taking our dog Gaucho for a walk, reading non-fiction (with the exception of Manuel Puig’s novels) and enjoying a Chinese takeaway and a good film (preferably an eighties one).

Education and Culture Translations

English to Spanish translations specialising in Museums, Heritage, Education and Social Sciences