Education and Culture Translations

English to Spanish translations specialising in Museums, Heritage, Education and Social Sciences   

" Wonderfully accurate! Highly technical scientific papers for the International Congress. Delivered everything on time."  

Karina Gutiérrez, International Psychoanalytic Association, London.    

"Greta worked in an academic report with very specific and technical art terminology. She did it so accurately, meticulously and professionally, and to a very tight deadline. She is always a pleasure to work with."

Gerardo Litvak, Freelance choreographer and lecturer, National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires. 

"I had a highly technical and quite long text on Literary theory to deliver. Greta edited and revised this very complex text with such professionalism, efficiency and charm.  We discussed and raised some very relevant questions, and this allowed me to handle the project beautifully with the author and to achieve a brilliant result. Everyone happy. Have worked together with Greta ever since."

Pilar Laje, Freelance professional translator, Buenos Aires.